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Statement of Faith



To encourage others in their personal relationship with Yashua, Jesus Christ and in the study His Word the Bible in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.


To help others realize their potential in order to fulfill God's will for their lives through fellowship around God's Word and applying Biblical precepts.

Holy Bible


To provide a professional structure for a quality, Biblically based education.

Family Tree Private School is a private school recognized by the Florida Department of Educationdesigned to support parent directed and individualized education.

We believe it is a parent's God given right and duty to exercise judgment and control over the personal and social goals of their children, the skills children should learn, the childhood experiences which they should enjoy and the community resources on which they should draw.

We invite all to enroll whether "churched" or not. 

Career Development and Life Bridge programs support the individual to realize their potential and become successful in life pursuits.


Some activities for Family Tree Ministries occur on "the farm" including housing our official school office as well as developing and hosting outdoor educational activities.

Outdoor Work Room
Nancy and Bob Moral