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Ministry Opertations


Public Speaking

Bob and Nancy have been invited speakers before the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Association (FCCPSA), the Florida Parent Educator's Association (FPEA) Leaders Forum, Florida state senate educational sub-committees and various local and statewide town hall meetings.


TV Show: Bob and Nancy on American Free Speech TV taking calls from viewers on Education and Homeschooling Issues.


 Legislation and Policy

Meetings with policy makers are important so they are properly educated on the issues.

Senator Arronberg and Nancy

Nancy visited senator Arronberg in Tallahassee. This meeting dealt with education legislation and scholarships for homeschoolers and disabled students for which we had a program.  In our program parents chose where their tax dollars went for tutoring and therapy services for their children. Our program lasted for 4 years until new requirements were introduced to make it harder to qualify.  We met every audit standard except the new requirement that our students stay in one building all day. This was something we were not going to force our parents to do.

Lobbyist Mike Peak, Sentator Constantine and Nancy

Nancy visited in Tallahassee with Mike Peak and senator Constantine regarding home education legislation, and scholarships for home-bound disabled students in Family Tree Private School.

Nancy Moral Speaking at the Florida Senate Sub-Committee on Education
Speaking at the Florida Senate Sub-Committee on Education
Nancy Moral Speaking at the Convention Centers on Disabilities Awareness
Speaking at the Convention Centers on Disabilities Awareness


Click Here for a 10 minute on-line course on how a

new law can have an impact on current statutes.


                                                                                   "The Farm"

The farm project enables us to develop
curriculum, educational programs, publications and other resources for career development, gardening, self-sufficiency and outdoor education.  We enjoy many affiliations as part of our efforts, such as with Christian coalitions, Florida Virtual School, colleges, neighbors and local farmers.

Bob Moral, Ministry Director
Family Tree's Homesteader's Motto: Conserve - Preserve - Deserve
Screened in Outdoor Kitchen
Rows of Corn, one of 12 crops to teach self-sufficient living
Rows of Corn, one of 12 crops to teach self-sufficient living
Click the picture to order seeds!
Outdoor garden solar heated shower

We have held classes on the property to teach about edible plants. There are up to 20 different kinds of edible plants on the property. Click on each picture below to see identification features of each plant.

Rattlesnake Root
Black Cherry
American Nightshade

Preserving Food for Self Sufficiency

Preserving food has become an important focus of many families. Food prices are soaring, and food quality and quantities are decreasing. You can save lots of money by buying things on sale or take advantage of bulk purchases because you can preserve the food and use it later.

By learning to preserve foods you will be protecting yourself and your family by having safely stored nutritious food in the event of an emergency; and you can help your neighbors. With all these pluses it’s a wonder why everyone isn’t preserving food.


 CLICK BELOW for a copy of our booklet, Ways to Preserve Food - An Overview


Bob teaches boys and young men through a variety of activities. Some of these activities involve team sports, hunting skills for safety and outdoor survival skills and the responsible way to harvest animals. These encounters can teach the importance of discipline, lasting friendships and supporting each other.

Bob Moral with Boys Building Camp
Boys Building Camp
Bob Moral with Boy Survivial and Hunting Safety
Boy Survivial and Hunting Safety
Bob Moral as Coach with Boys on the Baseball Team
Boys on the Baseball Team
Music, A Family Affair


We enjoy sharing our music and message. We call it "Come Hear the Inspiration" music events. This venue is at a Veteran's Extended Living Facility in Palm Beach County.


Nursing Home Music Ministry
Nancy Moral with Girls Singing at a Nursing Home
Girls Singing at a Nursing Home
Nancy Moral with Girls Singing Praise Songs
Girls Singing Praise Songs
Nancy Moral and Learning Performance Singing
Learning Performance Singing
NANCY MORAL: Speak to Me

Nancy writes and performs original music. This music CD was completed in 2008. Click on the link to the left for more information. This CD includes original gospel songs with accompanying musicians from several churches. 

Click here to  view an original song by written by Nancy in 2014:  Closing Time

Ministry activities are all done by volunteers through Family Tree Ministries. Other services, such as those in our Life Bridge program and Family Tree Private School are available on a fee based or donation basis.