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........Your PowerPoint presentation can be accessed online as a course with quizes and documents?


That's what an eLearning (online) course is like. It's great for teaching, training, professional development or to inform, and it saves time and money.  We develop courses and presentations using  "Articulate Storyline." software.


.......Your Presentation can resemble a TV commercial and have everything in it you want?  The finished product can be inserted in  your web site.

Sample Presentation

Pest Control Presentation

Books for Sale 

Seminole Indian Cookbook available on Amazon

Preserving and Storing Food

The Old Fashion Way


A Comprehensive Summary with Photos for

Traditional Suburban Households new to Preserving 


Costs $$$

Costs vary depending upon the complexity of the project.  For example, the goats course shown above took 10 hours and is $500, and the pest control presentation took 6 hours and is $300; So, on average the cost is $50 an hour,

- Instructional Systems Design

Through one-on-one consultation, I will outline your goals and the scope of the project. This tells me the type of project and the bells and whistles you would want.  As the work begins, it flows through formal processes of task analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.  For instructional goals I identify the instructional goal, steps (you want the learner to learn so they can meet the goal), the knowledge skills and abilities required to complete the steps and any entry level skills needed. We present information by defining, describing, displaying and debating (the merits) of the information to make an effective presentation to a learner.  A lot of these methods are instruction systems design practices and are too detailed to elaborate on, but hopefully you get the idea that each project is carefully handled in a very professional manner.

The evolution of any project will include gathering picture and video files, creating narration and getting clarification from you, the client during the design and development process to assure the project is on the right path.  The Articulate Storyline software allows me to export each "frame" or "slide" as a word document for the client's review to facilitate feedback through the development process.