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                                                                                           ABOUT THE DIRECTORS

Bob and Nancy met in the early 80's.  As active voluteers in their church they focused on assisting in homeless shelters, street evangelism programs and prison ministries. Music was also a big part of Nancy's ministry efforts.  They married in 1985 and were blessed with 3 children. As an extention of their involvement in family, community and education they created Family Tree Ministries and Family Tree Private School in 1999 and currently serve families in the state of Florida and missionaries traveling world wide.

Nancy Moral, M.Ed.

Author and Education Consultant

Director of School Operations

Robert "Bob" Moral

Business Owner, 1985 - 2007

Family Tree Ministries President, 1999- current

Commendations: Coaching,Community Service and Evangelism

Chaplain for the Constitution Party of Florida


Home School Transcripts

Let us help with homeschooling documentation.

Students enrolled with their district as "homeschoolers" have a different registered status than students enrolled in a private school, such as Family Tree Private School.The first type of student is called a "homeschooler", the second type of student's status is known as a "private school student", but both students can practice the same homeschooling methods. 

Family Tree Private School provides private school transcripts, but students registered with the district as a "homeschooler" would need "homeschool" transcripts. Family Tree Ministries can help you to create transcripts if you are registered with the district.

Click on the picture at the left to see a sample of Homeschool Transcripts.

Protecting Children by Empowering Parents
Protecting Children by Empowering Parents

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